Astrud Gilberto

Who is Astrud Gilberto?

Astrud Gilberto is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who became internationally known for her smooth and soothing vocal style, particularly in the bossa nova genre. She was born on March 29, 1940, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Astrud Gilberto gained widespread recognition with her appearance on the album “Getz/Gilberto” in 1964, which was a collaboration between her then-husband, João Gilberto, and American saxophonist Stan Getz. The album featured the iconic track “The Girl from Ipanema,” which became a worldwide hit and remains one of the most famous bossa nova songs of all time. Astrud’s gentle, melodic voice and her interpretation of the song played a significant role in its success.

Following the success of “Getz/Gilberto,” Astrud Gilberto pursued a solo career and released several albums throughout the 1960s and 1970s, blending bossa nova with jazz and pop influences. Some of her notable solo recordings include “The Astrud Gilberto Album” (1965) and “Look to the Rainbow” (1966).

Astrud Gilberto’s music has had a lasting impact on the world of bossa nova and Brazilian music. Her unique vocal style, characterized by its softness and intimacy, continues to be celebrated by fans and music enthusiasts around the globe.

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