What is Atomic Habits Book all About Part 6

Part 6 Atomic Habits

Part 6:Truth about talent

Habits are easier to perform and to stick with when they align with our natural instincts.Our odds at success increase when we align our field or competition with our natural abilities.Along with being well trained one needs to be better suited for the task to be successful in your respective field.
Our deeply rootaed preferences make certain behavioral l simpler for some more than the others,thus we need to choose a habit that works for our personality.
One can use the explore exploit strategy where you explore earlier at various things what comes easy to you and feels natural and post uncovering it exploit the activity living room for 10 20 percent exploration on other activities. You can combine your strengths and win by being different when you are not better.A good player works hard at a game to win,a great player creates a game that best suits his capabilities.Our genes don’t eliminate the need for hardwork but rather tell us what we need to work hard on.

The Goldilocks rule state that we experience peak motivation when working on task right at the edge of our capabilities not very hard not very easy.As habits become routine, Boredom sets in which is the prime reason people quit and fail at habit formation as they set out on the quest for novelty.It is the ability to keep going when you are bored counts more than when you’re motivated and2 makes the difference eventually.

They power of atomic habits is over the period the behavior compounds manifolds into desirable result thus giving desired result.
As the saying goes “one small step for human being, on large step for mankind”


Atomic Habits Book Short Summary in small parts

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