Black Sheep ( Baba Black Sheep )

Black sheep ( Baba Black Sheep)

Baba black sheep, you have any wool for trials and tribulations you shall be subjected to,
Baba black sheep, you gotta follow the herd,
The shittier it get the greener the grass,
Baba black sheep, reared breed destined for a somber fate
One must pay the price, for everything gets tagged

These traits I was given, it was don’t ask don’t tell
on the God’s gift,
Too many saw the difference, thought I’d be more liked acted more like them,
licked my wounds,till they bled vengeance,
With my back to the wall,headspace in a bad place,
All heads are held high when the gallows call
All images fade, times tarnish it all
Could you stand on your own,besmirch the crutches
When life gives you lemons,hold on to your grudges

Living inside an hour glass,we could use some time off,
I understand work is worship,devouts are often
the worst hit
The point is being docile enough, put a ceiling up
and take it shut,
Things shall take the course, you just make the most to make the most,
Let em take control,
You should smile more, use an euphemism,never tell them no, just let it go,
Suck it up, not the time to sulk,dont question things they ain’t mentioning
It’s cardinal sin to voice an opinion, there comes the thought police
The hearts bleed for us,we all families, it’s a Shakespearen tragedy

Did you finish all your chores, yes master I did
I hope you are comfortable , yes master I am
I hope you can read and write,yes master I can
We are all equal and same, how master I wish

Adjust yourself it gets better if you see the sunny side,
There’s a silver lining shining through the gold mine
trendy to follow ,no reality checks in a virtual
We are all bits and pieces lonesome in a whole

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