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About Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima 2022, Know more about Buddha’s Birthday is additionally referred to as Buddha Jayanti and Budha Purnima, (Budha Pournima) may be a Buddhist festive celebrated in most of all Asia half observance of the birth of the aristocrat Siddhartha Gautama, later the Gautama, World Health Organization was the founding father of Buddhism. in step with Buddhist tradition, Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal.

Buddha Purnima 2022 date and time

The actual date of Buddha’s birthday is predicated on the Asian star calendars. The date for the celebration of Buddha’s birthday suggests that Buddha Purnima varies from year to year within the Western New Style calendar however typically falls in April or might each year. In leap years it’s going to be celebrated in June.

In the South and geographic region, religious mystic Purnima is well known as a part of Vesak, a competition that conjointly celebrates the Buddha’s enlightenment (on the day of the complete moon) and death. In East Asia, the waking up and death of religious mystic area unit are ascertained as separate holidays.

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Buddha’s Birthday is Celebrated in many countries


Bangladesh – Celebrated as a Public Holiday name called Buddho Purnima

Bhutan – Celebrated as National Holiday – name called Saga Dawa

Cambodia– Celebrated as Public Holiday- name call Visak Bochea

China – Celebrated as Bathing (Purifying) Buddha Festival

Hong Kong – Celebrated 

India – Celebrated Public Holiday as Buddha Purnima

Indonesia – Celebrated Public Holiday as Waisak

Japan – Celebrated as Kanbutsu-e and Hanamatsuri

Malaysia – Celebrated Public Holiday as Wesak Day

Mongolia– Celebrated as Mongolian Cyrillic

Myanmar– Celebrated public holiday as Full Moon of Kasun

Nepal– Celebrated as Full Moon Day.

North Korea – Celebrated Public Holiday as Chopail

Philippines – Celebrated as Kaarawan ni Buddha

Singapore – Celebrated as Vesak day

South Korea – Celebrated As Bucheo-nim o-shin nal

Sri Lanka – Celebrated as Vesak

Taiwan – Celebrated as Guódìng Fúdàn Jié

Thailand– Celebrated as Visakha Puja

Vietnam – Celebrated as Vietnamese – Buddha’s Lord Flower Festival Day

Buddha’s Festival Celebrate Outside Asia

Australia – Celebrated in Nan Tien Temple Buddha’s Birthday

Brazil –  Celebrated called as Vesak

Canada – Celebrated as Vesak

United States – Celebrated Buddha Day

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