Tender Tips – How to Win Government Tenders

Tender Process

What are government tenders? A government tender, also called as Government Tender or Tender, is an invitation by the government to suppliers to bid on providing goods and services. Winning a government tender can be lucrative, with millions of dollars in potential sales at stake. With any major contract though, there are many risks involved … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Tendering

Over the many years as I have received tenders, I have been approached by a number of organization’s seeking assistance in responding to tenders advertised in daily newspapers. Many of these are new registrars in tender advertising services such as Tender Service provider in India The prospect of continuing the flow of profitable contracts is … Read more

Online Tender Submission Process

Online Tender Submission Process

Special Instructions for Contractors / Applicants Online Submission Process through eProcurement system Applicants must make an Online available eprocure system in Home Page. Then Digital Signature registration must be done by e-token, after entering the portal. The e-token can be obtained from one of the authorized authorities. The bidder then the details like user’s ID … Read more