What about Humility vs Confidence

Humility vs Confidence

Humility vs Confidence

One cannot coexist with the other as a generalization. There is no plausible explanation that can ascertain whether a humbly confident person has to be more down to earth or in your face kind of individual. We are who are who we are as a byproduct of our circumstances and experiences although at core we remain the incorrigible presence we have always been we certainly are easily influenced and pliant at a vulnerable state.

I used to feel humble and grateful very early in to my career addressing everybody at office as Sir or Madam. It really felt great on the inside but on the outside it was at times demeaning to myself and ofcourse to some colleagues who took offense to my non chalance. Some people were really well receptive of it,some were pretty indifferent,some smiled while some really took it to their head and started patronizing by assigning me tasks they were meant to complete. Inevitably the new guy has willingness to appease the company and not the stones to say “not my problem”. Realizing how pissing off some of your peers is good for their betterment and your peace of mind has been a revelation.

I do not wish to be revered,neither do I want you to cast a black magic spell on me cause I have acted in an asinine manner. As liberating as the thought of “to each his own”, it’s every man for himself and if you don’t believe in yourself,someone else will use it to decimate your confidence further.

How built my confidence or self esteem is a story chuckleworthy. Here are the words I ask myself everytime I am faced with a trepidation
“What’s the worst that could happen”, use conjecture,hypothesize,accept the consequence and rest is history. No matter how much you trust your process it still has it’s loopholes and if there is one surely you’d find me gaping at one end either to rectify or to exploit. Rad decisions have to be made to subvert stereotypes and turn the tide plus once you start doing it you develop a knack for it.

My confidence has dwindled it seems as I get more and more humble, too conscious too feel like an Anomaly I am trying to fit in a spectrum that doesn’t seem to be as accepting of the shade I bring in to the mix of things. Will I find my confidence or will I be kissing the ring one shall find out eventually

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