What about Middle-Class Mentality

Middle-class Mentality

Start saving, for a future, invest, let it grow Letting go Daydreams and thought process dear you hold,

Imbibed with, the manners, to make a better world We discovering, there isn’t one, beyond imprisonment.

We hoping things to fall in place and stars align well, only to fall for brands and schemes of stars lying

well,  the cog in the cognizant reduced to his 9 to 5 They told us it’d be a better life scoring 95 Married to a destitute, mistresses to the system Misdirected by maps, misinformed in  the news  all good times just passing by as you wait, It doesn’t have to make sense if you can relate, Art dumbing it down to accommodate the average bear, The hunger for attention making us starve to death, The Politically correct have a religious Gods, But this is all above my pay grade, the middle class.

Middle class mentality, not born with a silver spoon but enough on one’s plate. These are volatile times where life sublimates but most times in a non-effervescent manner. Each moment we are dying a little metaphorically, emotionally and medically, but are we really living up to our expectations. We are the owners of our home, the drivers of our locomotive, the mannequin to our fancy apparel and moreover the object of our desire limiting us to desire for more and more objects.

The quality of life is defined now by a sense of belonging coming of the age of trying to make a place and name for self. We the middle class unfortunately don’t belong a Cadre that has nothing to lose neither are we the class apart or what we call the creamy layer.

Banished to the middle the happiest times drifting as one ages, a fleeting reprise called of weekend and occupation for slow poison to make us more docile. Abhorrent as it may be I have myself grown fond of it, sometimes the box is the comfort zone and despised so much you don’t even value it till it’s long gone. I am a proud average guy who dared not to stay one and even in his failure is more dignified than the most. Our struggle is not the war we fight our struggle is the reasons for it which we are oblivious to. That being said my mind still keeps telling me commit to the process and irrespective of the outcome maybe it’s for the best that I am in the middle of it all like a journey somewhere between the start and the end.

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