Online Tender Submission Process

  • Special Instructions for Contractors / Applicants Online Submission Process through eProcurement system
  1. Applicants must make an Online available eprocure system in Home Page. Then Digital Signature registration must be done by e-token, after entering the portal. The e-token can be obtained from one of the authorized authorities.
  2. The bidder then the details like user’s ID / password selected at the time of registration.
  3. The registered e-token DSC must be used by the applicant and should not be misused by the others.
  4. DSC once mapped to a particular account cannot be re-installed to any other account. It can only work for particular user.
  5. Checker can check in advance, documents such as call certificates, all purchase order details, etc., under the option given in My Documents option and these can be selected according to the tender requirements and attached to the bid documents at the time of bidding process. This will ensure a small loading of the bid documents.
  6. After downloading the all-tender documents/ obtaining tender schedules, the applicant must carefully review all the documents and submit documents as per the tender requirement, otherwise the application will be rejected.
  7. The Bill of Quantity (BOQ) template/ name must not be changed / replaced by the applicant and must be the same after completing the relevant columns, otherwise the applicant is liable for rejection in that tender or error. Bidders are allowed to enter the Applicant’s Name and Values ​​only.
  8. If there are any explanations in the tender, this can be found online via the eProcurement system, or through the contact details given in the tender document. Applicants should consider published corrigendum before submitting bids online.
  9. The applicant, in advance, must prepare the tender documents to be submitted as indicated in the tender plan and must be in PDF / XLS / RAR / DWF format without space in the file name.
  10. The applicant must enter for EMD details as specified in the tender. The correct original must be submitted to the Tender Invited Authority, within given due date and time.
  11. The applicant reads the terms and conditions and instruction page and accepts the same to continue sending bids
  12. The applicant must submit the online tender document before dure date or prior one day to avoid any delays or problems during the bidding process.
  13. There is no limit to the size of the file uploaded at the end of the server. However, uploads are determined by the Client memory available from the Client System and the Network bandwidth available on the client side at that time. Resize the file size, bidders are recommended to scan documents properly to maintained and file size is also compress. This will help to upload faster even at very low internet speeds.
  14. It is important to note that the applicant must click and check and ensure that he completes the Bidding Submission Process. Frozen bids are considered Incomplete / Invalid bids and are not considered for testing purposes.
  15. If the payments mode is offline, the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) all the documents’ details submitted to the Department and the scanned copies provided at the time of the online submission should be the match to ensure there is no change otherwise the Tender will be briefly rejected.
  16. The Tia Bidding Authority (TIA) will not be held liable for any kind of delay or difficulty encountered while submitting bids online due to local issues or any internet or system issue.
  17. Applicants can submit bid documents in online mode only, through the given website details in the tender document.
Online Tender Submission Procedure
  • During the bid suspension, the eProcurement system will issue a successful bid review message after uploading all the bid documents submitted before the due date and the bid summary will be displayed with the bid number, date, and time of delivery of the bid and all other applicable summaries. Documents submitted by tenderers will be digitally signed using the buyer’s e-token DSC and sent.
  • After submission of a bid, a bid summary should be printed and stored in your system as an acknowledgment as a marking of the bid submission. A bid summary will serve as proof of delivery of the floating tender bid and will serve as an entry point for participation within the due date in the opening ceremony of the application.
  • Successful submission/ or before due date submission of bids to the system means that bids, as uploaded by the applicant, are accepted and kept in the system. The system does not guarantee its accuracy.
  • The applicant must ensure that the bid documents submitted are free of virus and if the documents are not opened, due to a bug or any error, during the opening of the tender submitted document, the application must be rejected.
  • The given time of top of the tender portal will apply to all actions requesting a bid submission process, bid opening/closing, etc., in the e-Procurement portal. The time period on this portal is Indian Standard Time (IST) which is GMT + 5:30. Applicants must adhere to this period during the submission of the bid.
  • All data entered by bidders will be encrypted at the client end, and the software uses PKI encryption techniques to ensure data privacy and security. The inserted data will not be viewed by unauthorized persons at the time of bidding and will not be viewed by anyone until bidding time is over. In all, submitted tender documents are readable only after the tender is opened by an authorized person by the client’s end.
  • During bidding document submission, bidding privacy and security is maintained as data is transmitted via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with 256-bit encryption technology. Data encryption for sensitive fields is also performed.
  • Tenderers are requested to submit bids via the eProcurement online system to the TIA well in advance of the bidding date and time (according to the Server Program clock).

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