What is Atomic Habits Book all About Part 6

Atomic Habits Book Part 6

Part 6 Atomic Habits Part 6:Truth about talent Habits are easier to perform and to stick with when they align with our natural instincts.Our odds at success increase when we align our field or competition with our natural abilities.Along with being well trained one needs to be better suited for the task to be successful … Read more

What is Atomic Habits Book About Part 2

Atomic Habits Book Summary Part 2

Atomic Habits Part 2 Atomic Habits Part 2:Laws for forming a good habit. Law 1 : Make it obvious The cues that trigger our habits are deeply embedded in our nature,so much so that they become invisible and the urges might feel like coming from no place at all.Behaviour change happens with awareness,a habit deeply … Read more

What is Atomic Habits Book About Part 1

Atomic Habits

Chapter 1:Power of building habits ATOMIC HABITS BOOK SUMMARY : PART 1 Tiny Changes make big difference. Improving 100 small things by 1 percent daily can be more effective than improving 1 thing by 100 percent.Sometimes taking a mammoth target becomes the roadblock as massive successive requires massive action.Even though small changes may not be … Read more